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Please Help Me Publish My Series


Self-publishing is a breath of fresh air to all aspirant writers after surviving rejection letters from the publishing houses. Writers are often pushed to the limit of writing for their eyes only to avoid rejections. However the ability to self-publish has resurrected a lot of publishing dreams. More and more stories are written to be told to the world. It is beautiful. I have experienced the excitement and fulfillment that it brings with my three titles available to the world through amazon Below is the picture of my current self-published titles.

My Titles

However the trick for aspirant writers like me is finances to fund the writing projects. Hence I am writing this Fundraising Request. I appeal to the world to fund my publishing projects with any amount although my overall target is $5000.00. I appeal to everyone who still believes in literature, please help fund my projects. I am currently busy with a SERIES OF BOOKS  TITLED: WOMEN OF FAITH.

Book One – Before Dawn #1 (read a sample here)

Book Two – Sunrise # 2

Book Three – Yesterday Calling #3


  1. Start That Business
  2. Wipe Those Tears And Fight

  3. Various Prayers Journals

I need the funds for various publishing and advertising expenses including:

  1. Book designs, Editing & Proof-reading 2. Branding (my site, my adverts, stationery) 3. Advertising (offline, on social media and relevant sites) 4. Printing hard copies for traditional sales 5. Author promotions and tours 6. Establishing a writers group to help aspiring authors

Your assistance will help me to reach these goals and make my dreams come through. It will also assist other artists that will be reached through the group. As artists we rely on our communities who believe in us unlike traditional publishers who only want to satisfy they own interests. Thank you for reading. Please do take my project into consideration and back it. The funds are welcomed from  now until September 2015.

To donate please visit

My books are both inspirational and fictional books.

Thank you so much.

Ondiswa Nkosi

our assistance will help me to reach these goals and make my dreams come through. It will also assist other artists that will be reached through the group. As artists we rely on our communities who believe in us unlike traditional publishers who only want to satisfy they own interests. Thank you for reading. Please do take my project into consideration and back it. My books are both inspirational and fictional books.

Thank you so much.

Ondiswa Nkosi

Before Dawn – 1st Draft

I am currently busy with a fiction drama series titled WOMEN OF FAITH book one is #BEFORE DAWN and book two will be #SUNRISE and book three will be YESTERDAY CALLING (if titles will not change upon the way). As a gift to my readers, I thought I should post a sample here. So I hope you will enjoy.

Your comments are welcome.






(It is a sunny Friday morning around 8am on the N3 freeway road from Johannesburg to Durban. CASEY a troubled woman is driving down to Durban with her eight-year old daughter BRANDY for the weekend. They are driving on a luxurious silver-gray BMW (one series) with leather seats and tinted windows. Casey, a blond heavy-smoker in her early thirties is wearing jeans, a white crop top and sunglasses. On the passenger seat is a cosmetic bag, tissues, chocolates, a pack of cigarette and a purse. Brandy is sitting at the back seat minding her own business.

XOLI a Christian public speaker is also going down on the same freeway to speak at a women’s conference in Durban. She is also travelling with her eight year-old daughter MINNIE who is sitting quietly at the back seat. Xoli is driving a silver VW GTI comfortable on her pair of jeans and sneakers. The passenger seat is stacked with business books, sweets, a laptop and a bible.  Both the ladies push their indicators and pull over at a garage in Harrismith for some rest. They mindlessly park side by side.



(steps out of the car and nearly bumps Xoli) Hey! Watch where you are going, you moron.


(looks at her startled by her foul language, decides not to retaliate) I’m sorry my dear, I didn’t mean to…upset you (patting her shoulder).


(Shouts) Don’t touch me! You don’t know me…you know nothing about me.




(turning to her angrily) Don’t mommy me, stupid. Shut up…just shut up.


(She looks straight into her eyes and immediately sees the sadness and anger in them). Ahem! I’m Xoli and that is my daughter Minnie.

(Casey just looks at her).


The road is exhaustive hey, and the sun is just too hot.


Yeah! (Lighting a cigar)


You look stunning, where are you going?


(Gives a faint smile) Durban.


Oh! You are also going to Durban? Where about?


Aaggh! I booked us a hotel by the beach. I figured I needed a break from the busy city to clear my head. You?


I’m invited to a women’s conference as a guest-speaker. They booked me a hotel in Bluff.

(Kids are already playing hide and seek) I see. Hey, why don’t we go inside and have breakfast?


(Sad) Look eh




Xoli, I see that you are a friendly person and all that but I can’t. I’m not really a good company right now…you know I am just not in a good space.


Come on, it’s not a big deal I’m begging you (after some thought Casey nods – they amble towards the restaurant and start at the ladies)


(As they enter the coffee shop) Ladies table for four? (They nod) follow me.


Thanks. (To Casey) sorry I didn’t get your name?


Oh yes, I’m Casey, and this is my daughter Brandy.


(Handing it) here is our menu for the day. Can I bring you anything to drink?


Yes ice tea for me, and a milkshake for her (referring to Minnie).


Give me strong coffee and a milkshake. (He nods and exit) I usually drink coffee to calm my nerves and down my stress levels. If it wasn’t for Brandy I would be ordering beer.


No ways. It’s way too early for that.


I will do anything to take away my misery. Anyway enough about me and my stupid life, I see you are married?


(Flashing her ring) It’s been four years now. And you?


(Half smiles) We were happy together until I found out about her. And the sad part is that tomorrow would have been our eighth anniversary. But it’s all over now…(sobs) that’s the story of my life.


(Not sure what to do, she looks around for spectators–luckily none) Casey I’m…I’m so sorry.


(Wiping tears) No. I’m sorry to burst out like this. It’s just that I can’t contain it any longer…the hurt; the pain. You have no idea how sad it is. You know I’ve never shared this with anyone let alone a stranger. But it’s different with you, I feel like I can trust you. Besides I’m also tired of caring this alone.


You don’t have to carry it alone anymore, I head a women’s organization called Women Of Faith. We focus on helping women who have been hurt to deal with the pain and to learn to move on. From now on you will never be alone again. So what happened?


My husband broke my heart Xoli, not just once but for so many times. Apparently, he already had an affair when we got married which I discovered during our honeymoon but he denied. I chose to trust him and flush the findings away. But it emerged again about a year later and at that time I caught him red-handed. He apologized and promised to end the affair. I chose to trust him again and life continued. Then after three years the affair emerged again and that’s when he left me for her. He kicked me out of the house with our baby. Can you imagine how cruel was that?


However, he has not filed for divorce yet and I’m just too tired to run the courts cases. I just want to be left alone. It seems like everything on earth is against me. I don’t have the urge to move on anymore. However, hard as it is I do try for the sake of my child. At this point I feel like a piece of trash that happened to be on earth. Since I don’t have any peace nor any hope of ever being normal again. It’s been three years now since I left Cape Town but I still cry every night. It’s amazing how useless riches are because as rich as my family is I can’t buy myself out of this mess.


Don’t say that, you can still rise again and be happy; I know what you have been through.


(Crying uncontrollable) Nobody knows or understands the humiliation, the fear and the rejection I feel. This is the worst nightmare of my life. It’s always in my mind and in my heart. Even now as I’m going to this holiday I will be alone to relive my misery…every second of it. They say time heals but for me every anniversary is the same. It always feels like a part of me has been ripped out just yesterday. There is big sore in my heart that refuses to heal. I am a broken woman Xoli…so broken.

(at this point Xoli cannot hold her own tears)

I feel so low like I’m nothing I mean he left me for another woman. Surely there must be something wrong with me or something I didn’t do right. I have attended more than a thousand counseling sessions with professionals but nothing fills in the dark hole in my heart.


(Holding her hands) I’m sorry Casey, so sorry. However do not blame yourself about what happened. He cheated because he wanted to not because of you. If there was anything wrong with you he would have helped you to fix it and save your marriage. That’s what he would have done if he was committed. So my dear it’s not your fault.


Wow I never thought of that. All the years I blamed myself.


I know. I also blamed myself…


Who…you? Are you serious? Like now in your current marriage? Your husband also cheated?


Yes, Nathi also cheated, denied it, apologized, continued with it, apologized again, started another one – you know all of that. But I decided that it’s not the end of world. And I am proud to say that my marriage is my first and last. I’m there to stay, no divorce.


But how?


It was not easy but with the help of the Lord, I made it.


(amazed) The Lord?


Yes, the Lord Jesus. I also felt worthless, used and humiliated. I wanted out of there, I wanted a divorce.


Are you serious?


Divorce seemed as the only solution that would help me to heal. But I realized that the marriage certificate did not hurt me, as much as the divorce certificate would not heal me. My feelings my hurt was not in paper it was in me, in my heart and spirit. I needed to deal with the pain; I needed to face it so that I could be well as I am today.

(Casey is dumb-struck. Is it really possible to be free from all the negative emotions she was currently experiencing? Is there hope for her after all? She studies Xoli again and what a fine woman she is. It is hard to believe that she ever felt like her)

However it was not easy at all. There were nights that I felt defeated and alone as you are currently feeling. I sometimes wanted to avenge Nathi so that he can feel the pain he had put me through. I wanted him to admit his mistake, to acknowledge my pain and to heal me. But isn’t that one mistake that every hurting woman makes…expecting the hurter to heal her? I discovered the hard way that people can never heal our deepest hurts. When all is said and done Jesus always proves to be the perfect solution.


In my family we never considered God. So in this position I do not think that Jesus will assist me. Besides I don’t see how anything that does not make me look good or beautiful to win my husband back is going to help me.


There is a story about a woman who had an issue of blood for twelve long years. She went to all the professionals in the field and spent a lot of money but was never helped by anyone. Till one day she heard about Jesus and decided to find Him. Upon arriving where He was she made means to reach Him through the crowds. She touched the hem of His garment and immediately was cured. You don’t need makeup or plastic surgery right now you need Jesus. If He did it for me He can do it for you. Look at me now I’m invited to conferences to speak to women and help them out of the ashes because of Jesus in me.


(Casey just stares at Xoli, all this is new to her. The waiter arrives with food and sets it on the table)

Thanks waiter. I don’t know Xoli, I mean if there is a powerful and loving God why am I in such a mess. Surely He should have saved me (Xoli smiled).


Mhm! Yummy!


My favorite.

(They all chow away silently)


I don’t suppose we will have time for fruit salad.


Not at all. The journey is still long.

(They get the bill, pay it and exit)


(by the cars) Tonight the conference is at Zimbali Resort. Here are the directions and my business card. There is hope for you Casey but you still have a long way to go and a lot to learn. I hope to see you tonight.

(They get in the cars. Xoli drives off, Casey is left alone. She stares at the card which reads XOLI DLAMINI – A WOMAN OF FAITH)


Jesus Christ! (Exclaims allowed tears start to well in her eyes) if you are really there please help me (starts sobbing like a baby).


(already driving in N3 –  praying for Casey)

Lord I thank you that now you have introduced yourself to her and you have begun the work in her life. She will surely experience you and change for the better in Jesus Name. Amen.

(Casey is smiling faintly with a little hope firing up in her heart. She is also on freeway now. They both travel along listening to the radio. After a few hours Casey arrives at the hotel checks in and escorted to her room. She unpacks.)


(in their room Brandy jumps around, touching everything) Mom what is this? (No answer) Mommy, is daddy going to come here?


(angrily) Brandy your dad is not coming back. Never. Now shut up and sleep. (exit)



Opening date : 1st April 2015

Closing date : 29th May 2015



The wRite associates, in partnership with the national Department of Arts and Culture, invite South African writers to submit their work for the South African Literary Awards 2015.



The main aim of the South African Literary Awards is to pay tribute to South African writers who have distinguished themselves as groundbreaking producers and creators of literature, while it celebrates literary excellence in the depiction and sharing of South Africa’s histories, value systems and philosophies and art as inscribed and preserved in all the languages of South Africa, particularly the official languages. The awards aim to become the most prestigious and respected literary accolades in South African literature.

Selections are made from published authors whose primary input is in imaginative writing – fiction as well as creative non-fiction. The work must demonstrate good linguistic presentation, the nation’s identity, the societal values, universal truths, and cultural aesthetics, contribution to social cohesion and nation building and transcendence of time. To date, SALA has honoured one hundred and thirty three (133) recipients since its inception in 2005.


General rules

1. The work must be original

2. The submissions must follow the criteria

3. Only South African official languages are considered

4. All categories accept work in all eleven official languages

5. Nominations must be accompanied by an endorsement of the author and/or publisher

6. Ten copies of the book/publication must be submitted

7. All the submitted copies, whether successful or not, will not be returned to the submitting party

8. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

9. Work that has previously won under any category does not qualify

10. Set books are not accepted

11. Submissions sent by electronic mail (email) or facsimile (fax), will be automatically disqualified and will not be replied to.

12. Late submissions will not be accepted

Categories and criteria

1. Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award

 Only short story collections by one author will be considered

 No age restriction

Only works published in 2013 – 2014 will be accepted

2. k. Sello Duiker Memorial Literary Award

 The award is open to novels and novellas only

 Only writers aged 40 and below are eligible to enter

 Only works published in 2013 – 2014 will be accepted

3. Posthumous Literary Award

The author will be judged on his/her overall literary achievement

The profile of the author and any supporting material must be submitted

 No age restrictions

4. Lifetime Achievement Literary Award

 The author must be 60-years old or above

The author will be judged on her/his outstanding work regardless of quantity and year of publication

The profile of the author and any supporting material must be submitted

5. Literary Journalism Award

 The entrant must have made significant contribution to the promotion and development of literature through writing about and analysing South African literature

 The award includes print and electronic media

 No age restriction

6. Literary Translators Award

 Only the literary works translated by a South African on South African works of art will be considered

 All the literary genres are welcome.

 Both the original and translated copies must be submitted

 Only works published in 2013 – 2014 will be accepted

 No age restriction

7. Poetry Award

 Only collections by an individual author will be considered

Only works published in 2013– 2014 will be accepted

 No age restriction

8. First-time Published Author Award

 The award is open to all genres

 The work can be fiction or non-fiction

The author must not have published before in any genre

 Only works published in 2013– 2014 will be accepted

 No age restriction

9. Creative Non-Fiction Award

 The award is open to creative non-fiction works, i.e. biographies/autobiographies, letters, speeches and memoirs

 In the case of letters and speeches, only a collection of work published by one author will be accepted

 Only works published in 2013 – 2014 will be accepted

 No age restriction

For more information and accessing of Submission Forms, please call 011 791 3585/4102 or email: or download from:

Submissions must be sent to:

The South African Literary Awards, P.O Box 1465, Randpark Ridge, 2156, or deliver at: 74 Mimosa Road, Randpark Ridge, 2165

Sindiswa Seakhoa

Project Manager – Africa Century International African Writers Conference/S.A Literary Awards

Executive Accounts Director – wRite associates

74 Mimosa Road


Tel: 011 791 3585

Fax: 086 605 3642







Writers Meet-Up


I have been writing for more than fifteen years now. While I was in high school and tertiary I established a lot of drama groups in which I wrote for and performed in. Those days developed my love for writing even more and sharpened my skills as I wrote more regularly.  I then grew up, got married and had kids. Over time I became an isolated writer, writing and publishing in my corner without any interaction with other artists.

The next thing I noticed was that I miss other writers. I miss the feel of a book club or a stage performance.  Furthermore the writer’s block happened more often compared to the active days.

Thank goodness I shared my frustrations with my editor, Anne Erikson, who referred me to The Indie Book Fair that was happening at The SunnySide Hotel in Houghton on the 20-21st of March. I attended the event and it made such a huge impact in my career. I gained more insight about the industry that I work in and I was compelled to work even harder to reach my goals. I also met great people there like:

Sindiswa from Write Associates an organisation that host Literature Awards and book clubs

Siya, a public speaker and an author of The Best Advice I Ever Got

The Host, David  from Porcupine Press

I also learned that the Write Associates host book readings every month. I had a privilege to attend the recent book reading that was held on the 28th at Newtown Museum Afrika. It was a reading of two Poetry books namely:

Mihloti yaTingana by TP Magaisa

The Turtle Dove Told Me by Thandi Sliepen


I enjoyed the book reading and was honoured to meet the authors. All these occurrences has led me to take a decision that, I will once again be social active to boost my writing career and to be motivated. I am also determined to reach out to aspiring authors to support them and assist them with their project. I will be running a book club soon at Ekurhuleni, please support it. In the meantime you can join the Facebook Club called Mzantsi Authors and Publishers.

Till next time…

Ondiswaborn to write!