The ‘I WRITE’ category within the blog, is a corner in which I will share my journey as a writer with you. Every time I recall why I write or when or how I started I always re-inspire myself and regain new strength to move forward. I hope it will do the same for you too.
So when did I start…
Okay around a very young age, probably seven through to early teens, I used to have wild imagination. I would imagine stories from start to end, create characters develop the plot. My stories (in my mind) would go as far as forever and others would end sooner. I used people I knew as my characters or those I saw in the media.
However I never understood this process, I always thought that I was day-dreaming. One day I told my mother that I dream…I always dream during the day and night and I see people in my mind. My mother was so disturbed by the news that she prepared to take me to the sangoma. I was around ten or twelve years old. We went to the sangoma who surely found something wrong. Apparently I was bewitched so I really needed help. My mother was relieved after getting to the bottom of the problem. She ordered me not to day-dream. I can’t remember if I tried to suppress the flow of ideas in my mind or what after the sangoma visit.

Then I went to Greenville High School and met the craziest friends ever. One good thing though is that we loved stage drama. So in 1999 I wrote…for the first time. I wrote a drama that I had seen on stage many years before that. The drama performance went well. Then I started writing my own stories for performances. We formed a solid group performing in big cultural events in the area. During the December holidays of my matric year I wrote my first book titled Nguwe lo.
I took that passion with to tertiary. I started another group that performed at a local theatre in Springs.
And jaa as they say the rest is history…
What was journey…share with us.