Locked Out!

Locked Out

Is it possible to be locked out of your own territory? Is it possible to be locked out of your own house?

Well I am afraid, yes. It happens when one misplaces keys. And then a small boy has to sneak in through a bathroom window to get the keys from the kitchen counter. It’s a scary experience. It once happened a couple of months back, where I locked in my keys with a mind that I will return with hubby. Only to be locked out.

Sure enough it does not only happen on physical houses but on virtual homes as well. I have been locked out of my blog for weeks now, after having lost my email address logins. I could not recover the blog’s password because every time reset it get sent to the email address I cannot access. I had to prove first to WordPress that I am indeed Ondiswa Nkosi the owner of ondiswankosi.com. It was a process and I must say that I was terrified of losing my blog after such hard work and money.

Anyway I am back now, and yes it is good to be back. There are a few changes I will perform on the blog, just to revive it and give it a new look and feel. Therefore I will completely redesign it, with lively colors since well we are approaching spring. So the timing could never be better.

I will add new pages and new categories to suite the direction that I now want the blog to take. I want to grow it and to offer useful information to its readers. I have created a new group on facebook called Mzantsi Authors Publishers and Performers just to bring everyone under one roof.

Accordingly my blog will be now focusing on writing and publishing to assist authors with their projects. It is sort of taking after me…BEING AN AUTHOR AFTER ALL. I will work closely with South African publishing and producing houses to milk information and pass it on to fellow writers so that we can all have our work out there.

Brace yourself ( I have), a new journey has started.


Let’s do this!



2 thoughts on “Locked Out!

  1. debbie says:

    Wow!!! everytime I read your blog, I am astonished and humbled by your refreshing take on life, sitting opposite you in the office, makes me wonder what the hell are you doing behind a desk, reconciling and battling with figures, when you so gifted in other areas of your life. Ondiswa, I truly believe you an inspiration to so many other people in all walks of life, , May your books inspire others and that they gain strength thru it.
    Value has a value – only if its value is valued . May God grant you the strength and wisdom to continue with the good work you do. Debbie

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