Be the First 2 Review This Item


A book review is a platform in which a reader may give feedback to the author and the community after they have purchased and read the book.


Reviewing is beneficial to both the author and the community. It will assist the author to learn what the readers think of the book. Also to learn how the readers understood the message of the book. Reviews are fulfilling to the author especial if their book has changed or saved lives.

The community can gain confidence is purchasing the book after positive reviews. Customers need to know what others think of the book before they purchase it. So great reviews have the power to generate new readers.


Please note that in order to review on amazon you need to have purchased an item on your account, however not necessarily the book.

  1. Visit
  2. Search by my name: Ondiswa

  3. Choose the book you would like to review

  4. Click on ‘Be the First To Review This Item’ underneath the title

  5.  It will require your email and password, please fill in that part or signup


If reviewing on amazon fails, please review on my Facebook Author Page by clicking here 

Just type in the title of the book, and write your review underneath.


To review on this blog, please leave a comment on this post with the title of the book and a review.

Thanks for reading…please keep those reviews coming.



4 thoughts on “Be the First 2 Review This Item

  1. yandi says:

    Its an honour to have such an insightful book in my home. Its heartfelt and comforting knowing and being reminded that through our Lord Jesus Christ all bondages are truly broken, heartaches and pains are truly healed we become what he destined us to be in this life as women – damaged goods becomes useful merchandise as our true God takes over as the potter in our lives. Thank you Ondi


  2. debbie says:

    Hi, its truly a pleasure, and one can only admire and draw strength from your courageous attitude. We need more women like you in this World, as your book titles it so adequately “Healing Hurting woman through CHRIST


  3. Debbie says:

    Healing Hurting Women through Christ
    I found the book very profound, and very inspiring especially to our young girls, aspiring a better, fruitful and spiritual life. Life is a journey, but a spiritual one can be daunting, especially with a confused society we live in. Ondiswa displays a character of a woman of strength,hope and immense faith and is very focused and has chosen her path in life, which her “foundation of women of Faith… “““clearly indicates. I know and hope she succeeds in all her endeavours as she is a Beckon of Hope to all our young girls and mothers.


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