Writers Meet-Up


I have been writing for more than fifteen years now. While I was in high school and tertiary I established a lot of drama groups in which I wrote for and performed in. Those days developed my love for writing even more and sharpened my skills as I wrote more regularly.  I then grew up, got married and had kids. Over time I became an isolated writer, writing and publishing in my corner without any interaction with other artists.

The next thing I noticed was that I miss other writers. I miss the feel of a book club or a stage performance.  Furthermore the writer’s block happened more often compared to the active days.

Thank goodness I shared my frustrations with my editor, Anne Erikson, who referred me to The Indie Book Fair that was happening at The SunnySide Hotel in Houghton on the 20-21st of March. I attended the event and it made such a huge impact in my career. I gained more insight about the industry that I work in and I was compelled to work even harder to reach my goals. I also met great people there like:

Sindiswa from Write Associates an organisation that host Literature Awards and book clubs

Siya, a public speaker and an author of The Best Advice I Ever Got

The Host, David  from Porcupine Press

I also learned that the Write Associates host book readings every month. I had a privilege to attend the recent book reading that was held on the 28th at Newtown Museum Afrika. It was a reading of two Poetry books namely:

Mihloti yaTingana by TP Magaisa

The Turtle Dove Told Me by Thandi Sliepen


I enjoyed the book reading and was honoured to meet the authors. All these occurrences has led me to take a decision that, I will once again be social active to boost my writing career and to be motivated. I am also determined to reach out to aspiring authors to support them and assist them with their project. I will be running a book club soon at Ekurhuleni, please support it. In the meantime you can join the Facebook Club called Mzantsi Authors and Publishers.

Till next time…

Ondiswaborn to write!



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