Why God – Part III


How do you behave in trials and tribulations? Do you remain in God or do you turn against Him. Do you boldly declare that He is still God or do you settle for worries and fears? God wants to know you. God wants to know where your heart is. Can He trust you with his blessings? Can He trust you with that imperfect husband and those cruel in-laws? Can He trust you with those sour colleagues and jealous neighbours? Can He trust you to introduce his perfect love to those imperfect people? Will you stand with God as He tries to display his love to those cruel people? Will you stand with Him by your reactions as you forgive and love those people?

Or will you turn and walk out of that marriage and use your own strength to avenge those people? Trials are the only way that will help God see which side you are on. So, dear reader, which side do you take when hell breaks loose on you?

Jesus chose the side of humility, obedience and forgiveness. Then He got his crown and became the Lord of lords and the King of kings. David chose faith as he killed Goliath and became the king of Israel. Paul and Silas fought back in worship and saved a family in Acts 16. Job chose to say ‘I know that my redeemer lives’, in Job 19:25.

God will never allow anything to happen that can overpower you. He trusts you with all that you are going through. He trusts that you will defeat the devil by staying obedient to his Word which says:

  • ‘Love and pray for your enemies’ (Matt 5:44)
  • ‘Forgive seventy-seven times’ (Matt 18:22)
  • ‘Rejoice in affliction’ (Jas 1:2)

So between God and Satan, the only thing that makes either of them win you over is your reaction. It does not matter what was done to you, but it is what you did about it that matters. No matter how painful the event was, to please God you need to be obedient. You cannot say: ‘I have every right to be angry; to hold a grudge or to avenge’. Not when you are a child of God. The only right you have is to love and forgive. Your reaction matters and determines whether Satan wins or God does.

Matters like forgiveness and humility are not weaknesses but strengths in the eyes of God. I think it is better to be rated wise by God and foolish by the world.

This experience exercise does not mean God does not care about us. In fact it proves just how much He loves us. And it is not a lifetime event but a season. When it passes it leaves in its place a different person who has changed for the better — a person who has moved from being short-tempered, rude, selfish and jealous; to being loving, caring and merciful. So endure the situations around you in obedience and God will reward you.

Declaration: Lord you promised that you will never allow me to suffer more than I can bear. I have therefore decided to trust you in my season of pain.

This post marks the end of the Why God mini series that has been adapted from my book: Healing Hurting Women through Christ. I hope you enjoyed it.

Till next time…


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