Why God – Part I

Even if we can avoid uttering the “Why God?” question aloud, it always lingers and floats above any crisis we are facing. In an attempt to answer part of this question as I think God Himself would answer it in any given situation, I will give you three reasons as to why God might have allowed some pain to sneak into your house.

Firstly: I want you to know and understand that as a child of God there are certain lessons that God needs to teach you in your Christian walk. And these lessons are only learned through pain, so that you will gain experience with God. One of the reasons you might be going through that fire might be that …



God is served by experience and that is a fact. Everyone who declares that he knows God actually means he has seen Him in his own life. If you say God is a provider you mean you have seen Him provide for you. Even as I wrote my book (Healing Hurting Women through Christ) I declared that God is a healer because He has healed me. Hagar in Genesis 16:13 called Him ‘God who sees’ (Jehovah El Roi), because He saw her misery and rescued her. And Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 knew that God answers prayers because He answered her.

What am I saying? I am saying that God allows circumstances in our lives to train us so we can graduate and be qualified. Qualified to help others out of the misery we went through and survived. Qualified to write books which heal hurting other women. Qualified to preach the love of God to the nations, to feed the hungry and to heal the sick.

God wants to use us but He also wants to qualify us first, because He qualifies the called and causes them to have a story to tell. Every recruiting company only considers experienced candidates. It is the same with God. He needs only qualified individuals. If you want to be used by God you should enjoy and endure the hour of trial as you are being prepared for the journey. As Dr Millicent Hunter puts it in her book titled, Do not Die in the Winter: “you cannot take God’s people to a place you do not know”. Through my book, I take you to healing because I know that place. All the great women of God suffered in one way or the other to be where they are today. That suffering was part of their ministry.

But you might ask why, if God loves you, how can He allow you to experience such pain? Before I answer you, let me ask a question as well. Why did your parents not allow you to behave as you pleased? They claimed to love you but they never allowed you to live your own life and to do cool stuff. God loves His children but He will not allow them to be spoilt brats. He trains them to be obedient children.

Although we are children of God, we would sometimes love to avenge our enemies. to retaliate with angry shouts and to hold grudges. But Jesus our Lord does not allow us to do that, and we aim to obey Him. He teaches us to forgive and to love our enemies. He disciples us in order to be better people. He does not take sides but He stands with His training manual — the Word. Although Hagar was seen by God she was commanded to return to Sarah and to be submissive to her. Now that was character building.

Let me also warn you that this training might take longer if you are uncooperative. For example if you grumble or hold grudges during your hard times, God will expand the season of pain because you clearly still have a lot to learn. Do yourself a favour and endure in patience so that you can get over it sooner.

Serving God Requires Experience...and that is a fact.

Please look out for PART II and PART III of this topic.

Till next time…

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