My Seed Prayers Are Investments


The best time to plant seed prayers is when it is well with you in life. Yes when you are not facing any crisis, sleeping soundly. This is the time you should plant seed prayers. You should not relax just because you are not currently facing major problems, but you should invest in prayers. Pray for yourself and your family, for the church and even for the country. Pray to God while there is no crisis pushing you and cry out to him day and night. Of course this does not mean you should not pray during tribulations. Actually your previous seed prayers will kick in and boost your prayer during crisis.

Nobody invests when the currency is weak and they live hand-mouth. We all invest when we have plenty because we know that it will not always be milk and honey. Days of drought might strike when we least expect it and then our investments will save us until the economy picks up.

The same applies in the spiritual realm. The good times of our lives are the best times to invest in prayer for unforeseen circumstances. Have you noticed how easy it is to fall on the trap of doubt and worry during a crisis? Now obviously in this state you do not have strength but if you invested you will say one word ‘Abba’ and your spirit will be strengthened. It is alerted and given power to carry on just a few more steps.


JESUS (Mark 1:35)

Jesus spent most of His mornings at the mountain praying to God while He was in His successful ministry on earth. His time of poverty had not yet come that is why even when they tried to kill Him He would slip out of their hands. He invested so much time in prayer. The day of Gethsemane arrived bringing great anguish with it. His was in such a weak state and crisis that even His sweat was like blood. He went to pray but only manage to utter the same words for about three times. However His spirit was strengthened. And it carried on without falling into sin until He made it to resurrection. The reality is that it is hard to pray in front of adversity. Sometimes there is not even time to close your eyes and murmur a short prayer. That is when your invested prayers might save you.

HEZEKIAH (2 Kings 20)

In his time Hezekiah was a man who feared God. He obeyed Him, served  and praised Him. God had saved him from different fierce battles and had  honoured him during his life time.

Then there came a time of crisis in his life when he fell sick. As he lay on his sick bed the prophet of God came and told him that he would die. This was surely not good news to Hezekiah. However the bible says, he turned to the wall and reminded God of his seed prayers while it was well with him. God took a moment and looked on his holy ground for seed prayers and without doubt Hezekiah’s name was there. God also remembered his concept of sowing and reaping from genesis. This concept emphasises that every time you sow you must reap no matter what your crop has turned out to be. Hezekiah had sown  seed prayers and now it was time for him to reap. God ensured that he reaped what he sowed. His seed prayer earned him his life and health back. God also added more years on his life which I think was interest. Wow. Is it not amazing what our seed time can do for us? Sowing and investing in His holy ground will never be in vain.

Taken from my latest book PRAYER IS A GOOD SEED

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