My Friend Lost A Part Of Her

It was one Tuesday morning around 6am. My husband was taking me to the train station to connect to Johannesburg. As I passed my friends house I saw her outside with a doek on her head. Wondering why she was not dressed for work I immediately remembered that she was on month’s leave for the whole of February. I envied that part but was also grateful that I am not in her shoes when she works during the December holidays. I never understand how those people cope with having to go to work between the 27th and the 31st of December. Fortunately for her now she was at home for the whole month.

We continued on our way with the morning rush as we were fighting to make it on time for the train. Because missing it is the worst thing that could ever happen. As I sat on the passenger’s seat with my seat-belt fastened observing and indicating as my husband drove my phone beeped. I checked it mindlessly only to be struck by the worst message of the morning. It reads, ‘my sister is late, she is gone’. I froze as I uttered, ‘WHAT?’. My intestines went cold and tears voluntarily welled up and streamed down. My husband enquired about the matter, I could not talk I just showed him the sms. He was shocked.

My heart was sore. I knew my friends twin sister as a quiet and observed person. Well, my friend had told me about her recent sickness and admission but that did not mean she would die, right? I mean I didn’t get it. What went so wrong? She was a healthy woman who just slept in hospital that didn’t mean she was dying. And now she is…dead. It didn’t make sense. I remembered when I first met her just about two years ago. I could not help but wonder how life is designed. You see a person today totally unaware that you are seeing them for the last time. The last time I saw her was at a salon when she had accompanied her sister (my friend) to do her hair. We were talking and laughing that day, joking on how her sister’s beauty was going to open doors for her this year. And now that girl that I have come to know as my friend’s twin was no more.

As all these emotions went through my mind…the confusion the hurt the questions, I could not imagine what my friend could be going through. I cannot imagine what it is like to lose a twin sister. It should be near losing a child or a parent…or even worse a part of you. So my friend has lost a part of her that would never be replaced.

To you my dear friend I want to say, life has happened, and God has allowed it. However I know that you are a strong woman of God and a woman of prayer. You have been through a lot more in the past and by the grace of God you have pulled through. We all do not have the answers as to why you, why her and why now. Yet we look up to God our source of the very life. We do not understand what His hand has done and His plans are not yet clear to us, but the only thing we can do now is to trust His heart. For we know that He has good plan for us at heart at the end of the day. He has great plans for you my dear friend, so even with tears in your eyes, lift up your feeble hands and proclaim His greatness. Just like David, find your strength in the Lord. As your friends we are here for you, we love you and we will support you through this.

All things work together for good for those who love God.

Love always…


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