What Is WOF

  Mat. 25:13 Therefore, keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

 Women Of Faith (WOF) is a society of Christian women who aim to encourage, uplift, comfort and help each other and other women in Christian faith, through intercessions, bible study, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in community based projects until Christ’s return.

WOF is a society that will continuously work to ensure that candles of faith do not die out, keeping watch for the return of the Groom. The organization is based on Matthew 25:1-13 which is a parable of the ten virgins. At WOF we strive to be the wise FIVE


To see every women growing in the knowledge of Christ, his compassion, his healing and delivering power, his divine protecting power and experiencing His abundant love. Keeping our candles of faith and good works burning, while waiting for His return. Acknowledging Christ as the only way to the kingdom of God. Being  vessels in saving many souls for Christ Jesus. To see the gospel of Christ spreading in rural areas and unreachable areas like shebeens.

Who Can Join WOF?


Grandmothers are welcome as the saying goes “indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili”


The LORD is calling for the wailing women to come to Him in prayer wailing for our land, for our government for our families and for our kids. He also trusts us as women to teach our daughters to wail to Him by sitting on His feet and being molded into what He as God wants.


We at WOF encourage young women to seek the Lord at their youth, and to explore the joys of having a fellowship with Him at a young age. This also builds a good foundation for their marriage life to come. All these girls are welcome in order to experience the joys of having their lives hidden in Christ as girls.

Strategies Of WOF

  • Word-based Teachings
  • Community Outreach (orphanages, elderly homes, jails and hospitals)
  • Story To Tell Drive (testimonies)
  • Prayer

As a woman if you are looking for ways to serve God outside your church duties, join WOF. Download the application form here

Let’s change the world together. Visit our site here

Till next time…




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