Opening date : 1st April 2015

Closing date : 29th May 2015



The wRite associates, in partnership with the national Department of Arts and Culture, invite South African writers to submit their work for the South African Literary Awards 2015.



The main aim of the South African Literary Awards is to pay tribute to South African writers who have distinguished themselves as groundbreaking producers and creators of literature, while it celebrates literary excellence in the depiction and sharing of South Africa’s histories, value systems and philosophies and art as inscribed and preserved in all the languages of South Africa, particularly the official languages. The awards aim to become the most prestigious and respected literary accolades in South African literature.

Selections are made from published authors whose primary input is in imaginative writing – fiction as well as creative non-fiction. The work must demonstrate good linguistic presentation, the nation’s identity, the societal values, universal truths, and cultural aesthetics, contribution to social cohesion and nation building and transcendence of time. To date, SALA has honoured one hundred and thirty three (133) recipients since its inception in 2005.


General rules

1. The work must be original

2. The submissions must follow the criteria

3. Only South African official languages are considered

4. All categories accept work in all eleven official languages

5. Nominations must be accompanied by an endorsement of the author and/or publisher

6. Ten copies of the book/publication must be submitted

7. All the submitted copies, whether successful or not, will not be returned to the submitting party

8. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

9. Work that has previously won under any category does not qualify

10. Set books are not accepted

11. Submissions sent by electronic mail (email) or facsimile (fax), will be automatically disqualified and will not be replied to.

12. Late submissions will not be accepted

Categories and criteria

1. Nadine Gordimer Short Story Award

 Only short story collections by one author will be considered

 No age restriction

Only works published in 2013 – 2014 will be accepted

2. k. Sello Duiker Memorial Literary Award

 The award is open to novels and novellas only

 Only writers aged 40 and below are eligible to enter

 Only works published in 2013 – 2014 will be accepted

3. Posthumous Literary Award

The author will be judged on his/her overall literary achievement

The profile of the author and any supporting material must be submitted

 No age restrictions

4. Lifetime Achievement Literary Award

 The author must be 60-years old or above

The author will be judged on her/his outstanding work regardless of quantity and year of publication

The profile of the author and any supporting material must be submitted

5. Literary Journalism Award

 The entrant must have made significant contribution to the promotion and development of literature through writing about and analysing South African literature

 The award includes print and electronic media

 No age restriction

6. Literary Translators Award

 Only the literary works translated by a South African on South African works of art will be considered

 All the literary genres are welcome.

 Both the original and translated copies must be submitted

 Only works published in 2013 – 2014 will be accepted

 No age restriction

7. Poetry Award

 Only collections by an individual author will be considered

Only works published in 2013– 2014 will be accepted

 No age restriction

8. First-time Published Author Award

 The award is open to all genres

 The work can be fiction or non-fiction

The author must not have published before in any genre

 Only works published in 2013– 2014 will be accepted

 No age restriction

9. Creative Non-Fiction Award

 The award is open to creative non-fiction works, i.e. biographies/autobiographies, letters, speeches and memoirs

 In the case of letters and speeches, only a collection of work published by one author will be accepted

 Only works published in 2013 – 2014 will be accepted

 No age restriction

For more information and accessing of Submission Forms, please call 011 791 3585/4102 or email: or download from:

Submissions must be sent to:

The South African Literary Awards, P.O Box 1465, Randpark Ridge, 2156, or deliver at: 74 Mimosa Road, Randpark Ridge, 2165

Sindiswa Seakhoa

Project Manager – Africa Century International African Writers Conference/S.A Literary Awards

Executive Accounts Director – wRite associates

74 Mimosa Road


Tel: 011 791 3585

Fax: 086 605 3642








Writers Meet-Up


I have been writing for more than fifteen years now. While I was in high school and tertiary I established a lot of drama groups in which I wrote for and performed in. Those days developed my love for writing even more and sharpened my skills as I wrote more regularly.  I then grew up, got married and had kids. Over time I became an isolated writer, writing and publishing in my corner without any interaction with other artists.

The next thing I noticed was that I miss other writers. I miss the feel of a book club or a stage performance.  Furthermore the writer’s block happened more often compared to the active days.

Thank goodness I shared my frustrations with my editor, Anne Erikson, who referred me to The Indie Book Fair that was happening at The SunnySide Hotel in Houghton on the 20-21st of March. I attended the event and it made such a huge impact in my career. I gained more insight about the industry that I work in and I was compelled to work even harder to reach my goals. I also met great people there like:

Sindiswa from Write Associates an organisation that host Literature Awards and book clubs

Siya, a public speaker and an author of The Best Advice I Ever Got

The Host, David  from Porcupine Press

I also learned that the Write Associates host book readings every month. I had a privilege to attend the recent book reading that was held on the 28th at Newtown Museum Afrika. It was a reading of two Poetry books namely:

Mihloti yaTingana by TP Magaisa

The Turtle Dove Told Me by Thandi Sliepen


I enjoyed the book reading and was honoured to meet the authors. All these occurrences has led me to take a decision that, I will once again be social active to boost my writing career and to be motivated. I am also determined to reach out to aspiring authors to support them and assist them with their project. I will be running a book club soon at Ekurhuleni, please support it. In the meantime you can join the Facebook Club called Mzantsi Authors and Publishers.

Till next time…

Ondiswaborn to write!

Why God – Part III


How do you behave in trials and tribulations? Do you remain in God or do you turn against Him. Do you boldly declare that He is still God or do you settle for worries and fears? God wants to know you. God wants to know where your heart is. Can He trust you with his blessings? Can He trust you with that imperfect husband and those cruel in-laws? Can He trust you with those sour colleagues and jealous neighbours? Can He trust you to introduce his perfect love to those imperfect people? Will you stand with God as He tries to display his love to those cruel people? Will you stand with Him by your reactions as you forgive and love those people?

Or will you turn and walk out of that marriage and use your own strength to avenge those people? Trials are the only way that will help God see which side you are on. So, dear reader, which side do you take when hell breaks loose on you?

Jesus chose the side of humility, obedience and forgiveness. Then He got his crown and became the Lord of lords and the King of kings. David chose faith as he killed Goliath and became the king of Israel. Paul and Silas fought back in worship and saved a family in Acts 16. Job chose to say ‘I know that my redeemer lives’, in Job 19:25.

God will never allow anything to happen that can overpower you. He trusts you with all that you are going through. He trusts that you will defeat the devil by staying obedient to his Word which says:

  • ‘Love and pray for your enemies’ (Matt 5:44)
  • ‘Forgive seventy-seven times’ (Matt 18:22)
  • ‘Rejoice in affliction’ (Jas 1:2)

So between God and Satan, the only thing that makes either of them win you over is your reaction. It does not matter what was done to you, but it is what you did about it that matters. No matter how painful the event was, to please God you need to be obedient. You cannot say: ‘I have every right to be angry; to hold a grudge or to avenge’. Not when you are a child of God. The only right you have is to love and forgive. Your reaction matters and determines whether Satan wins or God does.

Matters like forgiveness and humility are not weaknesses but strengths in the eyes of God. I think it is better to be rated wise by God and foolish by the world.

This experience exercise does not mean God does not care about us. In fact it proves just how much He loves us. And it is not a lifetime event but a season. When it passes it leaves in its place a different person who has changed for the better — a person who has moved from being short-tempered, rude, selfish and jealous; to being loving, caring and merciful. So endure the situations around you in obedience and God will reward you.

Declaration: Lord you promised that you will never allow me to suffer more than I can bear. I have therefore decided to trust you in my season of pain.

This post marks the end of the Why God mini series that has been adapted from my book: Healing Hurting Women through Christ. I hope you enjoyed it.

Till next time…


writing heavenly news

Why God – Part II


After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel

Judges 2:10


In the above verse God had a problem with the Israelites who did not know Him after the generation of Moses passed on. This new generation did not know God’s wonders, miracles and the judgements He revealed to the old generation. Because He is only served by experience (as we learned from the previous post), He needed to train this generation as well so that it gain experience with Him.


‘These are the nations the LORD left to test all those Israelites who had not experienced any of the wars in Canaan (he did this only to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who had not had previous battle experience): the five rulers of the Philistines, all the Canaanites, the Sidonians, and the Hivites living in the Lebanon mountains from Mount Baal Hermon to Lebo Hamath. They were left to test the Israelites to see whether they would obey the LORD’s commands, which he had given their forefathers through Moses.’

Judges 3:1-4


So God decided to leave some nations for this new generation to fight so they could gain battle experience. Notice that God would have wiped away all the nations so that His precious Israel who not face any problems, however He deliberately left the problems for Israel to deal with them. It was not going to be all milk and honey for this new generation. It was going to be a hard, painful and annoying experience. But it was necessary for their own good and for their growth in God. It was going to bring them to know God in their own lives and to be chastened into good behaviour.

The last verse above states that God wanted to see if they would obey His commands. You see it is very easy to live by the book when everything is going well. It is very easy to obey God when we are in our comfort zone. The challenge is when reality says left and God says right. When we are hard pressed is whereby God can get the correct answer. God wanted to trust the new Israel but only trials were going to help Him to do so.

God also want to trust you as His child but it can not be done through words only. There must be pain and suffering involved that will qualify you to be trusted by God. What is it that you are currently facing? It must train you to have faith in God, therefore, do not allow it to drive you away from God. In your distress seek God, as much as you are hurt and angry. Find God in the midst of your storms. Jonah found God within the belly of a fish under the might seas.

My challenge this morning is that: let us find God in our circumstances. Let us pass the Test and win those battles. The good part is that as you face your nations that are your portion for training, God is there with you. If you invite Him in the battle you will surely win.  Halleluai!!!

Why God – Part I

Even if we can avoid uttering the “Why God?” question aloud, it always lingers and floats above any crisis we are facing. In an attempt to answer part of this question as I think God Himself would answer it in any given situation, I will give you three reasons as to why God might have allowed some pain to sneak into your house.

Firstly: I want you to know and understand that as a child of God there are certain lessons that God needs to teach you in your Christian walk. And these lessons are only learned through pain, so that you will gain experience with God. One of the reasons you might be going through that fire might be that …



God is served by experience and that is a fact. Everyone who declares that he knows God actually means he has seen Him in his own life. If you say God is a provider you mean you have seen Him provide for you. Even as I wrote my book (Healing Hurting Women through Christ) I declared that God is a healer because He has healed me. Hagar in Genesis 16:13 called Him ‘God who sees’ (Jehovah El Roi), because He saw her misery and rescued her. And Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 knew that God answers prayers because He answered her.

What am I saying? I am saying that God allows circumstances in our lives to train us so we can graduate and be qualified. Qualified to help others out of the misery we went through and survived. Qualified to write books which heal hurting other women. Qualified to preach the love of God to the nations, to feed the hungry and to heal the sick.

God wants to use us but He also wants to qualify us first, because He qualifies the called and causes them to have a story to tell. Every recruiting company only considers experienced candidates. It is the same with God. He needs only qualified individuals. If you want to be used by God you should enjoy and endure the hour of trial as you are being prepared for the journey. As Dr Millicent Hunter puts it in her book titled, Do not Die in the Winter: “you cannot take God’s people to a place you do not know”. Through my book, I take you to healing because I know that place. All the great women of God suffered in one way or the other to be where they are today. That suffering was part of their ministry.

But you might ask why, if God loves you, how can He allow you to experience such pain? Before I answer you, let me ask a question as well. Why did your parents not allow you to behave as you pleased? They claimed to love you but they never allowed you to live your own life and to do cool stuff. God loves His children but He will not allow them to be spoilt brats. He trains them to be obedient children.

Although we are children of God, we would sometimes love to avenge our enemies. to retaliate with angry shouts and to hold grudges. But Jesus our Lord does not allow us to do that, and we aim to obey Him. He teaches us to forgive and to love our enemies. He disciples us in order to be better people. He does not take sides but He stands with His training manual — the Word. Although Hagar was seen by God she was commanded to return to Sarah and to be submissive to her. Now that was character building.

Let me also warn you that this training might take longer if you are uncooperative. For example if you grumble or hold grudges during your hard times, God will expand the season of pain because you clearly still have a lot to learn. Do yourself a favour and endure in patience so that you can get over it sooner.

Serving God Requires Experience...and that is a fact.

Please look out for PART II and PART III of this topic.

Till next time…

Left Behind

I recently changed jobs leaving a big company for a much smaller company. Before I joined the new company I used to drive to work. It was always a tiring journey because of the distance and the traffic I had to endure every day. It was costly too because petrol for two hours on the road is no child’s play. Before I bought a car I used taxis – the worst nightmare.  The queue on the ranks used to be so long that one would queue for more than two hours. That was definitely not working for me. Although car maintenance was more expensive than queuing it was still the best choice.

When I joined the new company I was determined not to drive as the traffic was worse this side of town. I embarked on a mission to find convenient and affordable transport (not willing to sacrifice another R2500.00 on petrol as previously). After asking around I was informed about train services that had free shuttles. Apparently I could catch the train in the morning at 06:30am from Germiston to Johannesburg. Then from JHB to Rosebank I would then connect with a free shuttle. In the afternoon the same shuttle would collect me from my workplace and drop me at JHB to catch a 17:10 train. And do you know how much I would spend? It would only be R485.00 per month. I found it hard to believe such low fares for such good services. Apparently the train is very fast and user friendly. Everyone sit nicely and there are coffee/tea attendants plus a newspaper, you know a first class like environment. I jumped to the opportunity of saving money and being pampered daily. Then my travelling was sorted, I was happy.

The train and the shuttles were nice and all that. We had a whatsapp group administered by the train manager to update us about any urgent information. One afternoon as we were in shuttle to the station a message beeps alerting us of about twenty minutes delay. I figured that the train will be late so I decided to start at CNA just to browse through interesting titles and to also buy a chocolate. After about ten minutes of walking around I decided to go to the station and wait there with other commuters. As I descended the stairs I only saw less than five people there. That platform is usually packed with the commuters I travel with. I wondered if I was at the wrong platform or what because it was sincerely not possible to be that empty. I double checked the platform number is was indeed 13 & 14. What has happened? Was I left behind? But how because they said the train would be twenty minutes late and I was ten minutes early. I hurried down to ask the few people there. They confirmed that it left at exactly 17:10 as usual. But it was late, or supposed to be, I protested. They simply shrugged and said it’s gone. ‘Oh my goodness’, I signed as I sank down. What was I going to do now. It was almost 17:30. I thought of going to the normal trains but was again deterred by the thought of safety and hygiene. The normal trains are normally overloaded and are also a residency to thieves. I was not going there. The second option was the taxi rank but It was about 30 to 45 minutes walk from where I was. How was I going to manage such a long walk on heels. That thought froze me as I knew that I was in a mess. Having to catwalk in the ever busy Johannesburg.


Nevertheless I had no choice so I ambled up the stairs, across the building and in no time I was in town. So as I looked around I was not sure which side of the station I was in. The only side I am familiar with is by KFC which I didn’t see anywhere. So in this other side I was not quite sure which path to take. I just moved forward using the passage that tens of people were using due to construction that was going on. After the passage I passed the hawkers lining on either sides. There was now a main street with some taxis parked. I decided to jump and continue forward. The fear of being lost and wasting time and energy slowly gripped me. I had to ask someone for the noord’s whereabouts. I looked closely and innocently for a trustworthy somebody as I also didn’t want to endanger my life and  my bag. I also didn’t want anyone noticing that I was lost therefore an easy victim. So I walked along some lady and carefully asked for directions. She pointed me back to the street I have jumped. I needed to go back to it and turn right. That route was going to take me straight to the rank. I tiredly turned back and started walking up or down (as one never knows) Plein street. The journey was long and tiring as my shoes were killing me. I tried so much to walk normally but I could not. I walked with my knees bent sorrowfully. It was visible to everybody that the lady had a heel problem. People’s reactions were different, some were laughing, some sympathised and some offered to carry me up. I could now see the rank in a distance. I wished I could just take my shoes off but then again that would be too desperate. I also wished that I could buy cheap sandals from the street vendors but I didn’t have any money with me except the last R20.00 that would be my taxi fare. I stopped at some corner just to give myself a break. The whole experience was so dramatic and traumatic. As I arrived at the rank I joined the queue and then took my shoes off. I couldn’t take it anymore. The taxi arrived and I climbed up bare-footed, I didn’t care who says what. As I dropped off I walked up to my house with what my God gave me and with heels on my hands as you can see the picture.


That was the end of the Left Behind trauma. It turned out the train manager meant that the delay would occur after leaving JHB not before. I was left behind for nothing, I had failed to understand the message.

Till next time…

Will She Ever Return?

In the early days I thought it was a mistake. I thought it was all a bad dream. That I will wake up and laugh it out as I share it with her. Then as reality sank in I realised that it was not a joke nor was it a dream. I was wide awake, I was there. I was looking around and she was not there. I didn’t see her anywhere and I looked everywhere. They say she is dead! However I wonder if that is possible. I mean is it possible for such a bad thing to happen to such a good person? Such an evil thing to befall my aunt, my mother a good woman?


My aunt is dead. This death thing kind of happens to other people. Now they say it has happened to me? My aunt is dead. I saw them coming in numbers to comfort us. I saw the church coming and singing and reading the Word. These people say we must accept. I saw her close friends coming as well. They also say she is dead. But I always smile when I see them because I see her in them. And also because as they come she might just appear behind them. But she never appears. And they (her friends) also say she is dead.

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The Office Guy

It’s the morning buzz at the office with everyone munching away on fat cakes and all. We are walking tiredly from the kitchen with a cup of coffee for me and hot water for Tumi, because she is in some kind of a diet. I often feel sorry for her tummy, because it is severely victimized by all the bitter stuff she takes. The other day, I spotted vinegar on her desk for drinking purposes. Just imagine!

Anyway, back to our walk into our open plan office which means there are hardly any secrets. Everything you say or do is for the world to see. I am a witness of that trauma: there was a certain day, in which I was informing my friend telephonically about this huge secret, but fortunately not evil, only to be asked about it the next morning by Thuli. I was so distraught. And then the other day as I was telling Petra about some great achievement of which I expected her to jump. Guess what? She just said she already knew. I wondered how, because I never shared the news with her. She continued and confessed eavesdropping my telephonic conversation the other day. How nice!

Ok, as I was still caressing my coffee down the passage, I felt Tumi’s elbow nudging my ribs so strongly that my heart almost stopped and my coffee, if I never defended it, would have stained the mat – poor cleaners. The next thing Tumi was whispering rather loudly, inquiring me if I had noticed how cute the new guy in the office was. And I asked, ‘what guy?’ She almost fainted in amazement due to my ignorance, or is it lack of good taste? According to her it is hard not to notice this guy.

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My Seed Prayers Are Investments


The best time to plant seed prayers is when it is well with you in life. Yes when you are not facing any crisis, sleeping soundly. This is the time you should plant seed prayers. You should not relax just because you are not currently facing major problems, but you should invest in prayers. Pray for yourself and your family, for the church and even for the country. Pray to God while there is no crisis pushing you and cry out to him day and night. Of course this does not mean you should not pray during tribulations. Actually your previous seed prayers will kick in and boost your prayer during crisis.

Nobody invests when the currency is weak and they live hand-mouth. We all invest when we have plenty because we know that it will not always be milk and honey. Days of drought might strike when we least expect it and then our investments will save us until the economy picks up.

The same applies in the spiritual realm. The good times of our lives are the best times to invest in prayer for unforeseen circumstances. Have you noticed how easy it is to fall on the trap of doubt and worry during a crisis? Now obviously in this state you do not have strength but if you invested you will say one word ‘Abba’ and your spirit will be strengthened. It is alerted and given power to carry on just a few more steps.

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