Healing The Child In You


Is it not funny how vividly you can recall your childhood memories? Yes those laughable moments sometimes find you and bring a smile on your face. The stories your grandmother told you; the dress that your mother bought you; and even the games that you played with your father. Sometimes during the pressures of adult life you wish that you can escape back to childhood and relive it all. Those were wonderful days.

However unfortunately you do not only hold good memories about your past. There are also gruesome memories that you desperately wish to forget about. The bad circumstances that happened in your childhood that left a hidden scar in your heart. You never tried to deal with those scars instead you covered them up. That is a dangerous practice because no matter how much you try to cover up your past hurts they always show up in your emotions and behaviours and ruin your character. Therefore examine yourself: is there any past issue that could be making you to be short-tempered, envious or rude…deal with it. This exercise will change your present life around for your good.

Till next time…

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