When God Says Be Still

When the LORD says BE STILL,

What? Did I hear correctly? I need only to be still?

The other day my emotions were kind of worked up, actually feeling very bad because of a trial I was facing. As I went to church that Sunday I expected God to say and do something about my situation. I expected Him to say, my child, stand up and say this, go there and do that. You know when stuff goes so bad that you actually wish He can just descend down in your living room. But NO, God whispered words that I did not want to hear let alone obey. He just said, Be STILL. LOOORD… I wanted to scream, have you seen what is happening right now in my life? Can you see what I am going through? Surely, as God you must know that, there must be something tangible that needs to be done here. You cannot just say I must be still. There are mountains that need to be moved here and people that must be punished…God can you hear me?

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Healing The Child In You


Is it not funny how vividly you can recall your childhood memories? Yes those laughable moments sometimes find you and bring a smile on your face. The stories your grandmother told you; the dress that your mother bought you; and even the games that you played with your father. Sometimes during the pressures of adult life you wish that you can escape back to childhood and relive it all. Those were wonderful days.

However unfortunately you do not only hold good memories about your past. There are also gruesome memories that you desperately wish to forget about. The bad circumstances that happened in your childhood that left a hidden scar in your heart. You never tried to deal with those scars instead you covered them up. That is a dangerous practice because no matter how much you try to cover up your past hurts they always show up in your emotions and behaviours and ruin your character. Therefore examine yourself: is there any past issue that could be making you to be short-tempered, envious or rude…deal with it. This exercise will change your present life around for your good.

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Ondiswa-Who Am I?

I was born in 1983 at the plains of Eastern Cape as the first daughter of my mother. I grew up under the tender care of my aunt at Lugelweni location. Sadly she passed on a few years ago. I schooled my primary and secondary days there. I grew up as an introvert.

However I enjoy wild life and the bushes…they remind me of home. I am now settled in Gauteng.

I started forming ideas on my head around the age of ten but I started writing at the age of 16. My first drama was performed at Bizana High School for heritage day celebration. I then wrote my first drama book during the December holidays of my metric year. And I was pregnant.

I studied Accounting (after metric) against my will as I wanted to study journalism. 15 years later as I am writing this I am sitting behind a desk (not my thing). However I am proud to tell you that I am a published author with 3 book and still going strong. I am aiming to publish online at least 15 titles by December 2015. It is possible.

I am married with kids…and all that.

This is the beginning an exciting journey ¬†for me, let’s travel it together.

Till next time.